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What we do

  • Enterprise Risk Management


We help you see around the corner, uncover risks across your organisation, evaluate your risks, develop your effective risk management plan and design your monitoring and reporting activities.


We follow international best practices and use the most recent risk management tools. Our experience lies in implementing risk and quality systems and getting them audited.


  • Compliance Management


We assist you in determining which standards and regulations are applicable, implementing a compliance framework, assessing compliance with different legislations, regulations and rules, performing reporting and staying up-to-date.


  • IT Governance, Security and Data Protection


We support you in managing critical IT resources and assets while ensuring adherence to IT security standards.


  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


We will help you in designing and implementing Business Continuity for the long term based on international standards and best practices.

Our experience lies in implementing Business Continuity Management Systems and getting them certified.


  • Policy and procedure management


We assist you in designing your policies and procedures and maintaining governance around them.


  • Governance support


We support Boards in their decision making around strategy, integrated risk management and performance management.


We have significant experience in international best practices which allow Boards to have an integrated view of risk within their organisations while aligning same to strategy and performance.


  • Benchmarking, Thought Leadership and News Updates


We provide benchmarking services to assess your competencies and define your path to excellence.


Our research and thought leadership is designed to provide you with insight on your risk and regulatory environment.


We provide an email-based regulatory news service as well as comments on hot topics.


  • Training


We provide in-house trainings and e-learnings in various domains of risk and compliance including anti-money laundering, anti-bribery/corruption, anti- fraud, IT security, compliance with regulations, data protection and securities laws.

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